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such is life

though focus defines reality

ªÑG§† Wµ¤®€ ™ - Rach !
9 September 1987
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Clearly, you have found your way into the little hole of Rach's world which keeps her sane. Or possibly just entertained ? Naturally, this journal grew it's RL horns quickly. As should be expected, I suppose. Now, tehgenius has become a foul mix of everything. Woot toot!

I started to write about what I put into tehgenius, but it made me want to blow my brains out. It is, seriously, CRACKTASTIC OMG incredibly random and at times pathetically angsty. I can't even begin to predict what I may or may not say/write/read/do/drink in the future.

I might just kill tehgenius dead.

Though until I do that, my friending policy is simple: If you are an incredibly dim-witted, narrow-minded, whiny, overly-fangirly homophobic fuckwit, chances are I won't friend you back. Though I just might, because I love my flist and I love having lovely people on it <3

the rice bubbles are love

fuckwits are NOT love
brought to you by the rach hates you!isLove generator

Remember that.

I am just full of love. Bullshit, but a nice thought =]

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